The A.J Experience!

I have been a writer for a few years. I kind of fell into writing professionally. It wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a scientist (I know, I don’t look the type) I trained as a biological anthropologist, specialising in genetics and immunology, but after a couple of years working in a laboratory I realised that the practical side of science can be quite monotonous (there is nothing I despise more), and not at all like Indiana Jones!

Writing was just something I always did, it wasn’t something I ever thought about. But as a writer I have found every day is different, the world around you is what you create, depending on what you are researching at the time. As a writer I can finally be Indiana Jones.


Travelling is my passion, the food that sustains my soul. My thoughts on my experiences as a travel writer are pretty up-beat, I am after all a happy, positive person. But my writing can be dark. For a taste of my fiction writing visit

You can’t tell a writer what to write, neither can a writer choose what to write about. A writer must find their own voice, their readers will follow. My voice is dark, if that doesn’t bother you, feel free to read on…

A.J FitzRoy

A.J FitzRoy