Dog People

Sometimes the noise in my dream is so loud that I still here it when I wake up. I wonder if the noise was in the waking world and I just hear it in my sleep. But I know the noise is my mind unable to be still, a mind that calls to me every day to keep moving or be trapped forever within the walls of my own creation.

“I had to be one of the dog people for a while. The dog people didn’t have to do anything or be anyone. They took their personalities from others, lived only in their situation at hand, were just there!”

Dog People, Peter Beere & Garry Kilworth

There are times in our lives when we need a break, I’m not talking about a holiday, or a change, I mean a complete break from our lives. Steven Roberts, in Peter Beere and Garry Kilworth’s intelligent book ‘The Dog People’, knew this. He took in three homeless people into his home to forget his past, eventually walking away from his home and his life to become a vagabond himself. Steven knew that sometimes you just need a break from your life, as he also knew this can only ever be temporary.

My first travels as an adult were not to the Middle East as I have always declared. From the age of 15 to 18 years old I would continually run away from home, to live among squatters and young runaways. We would spend money on drugs and steal food from supermarkets. I taught my occasional friends how to eat healthier, of hygiene, they showed me the many ways to lose yourself.


Unlike my fellow squatters I had a home to go back to, I had choices, therefore I was only ever playing their games. Pretending to live their life so that I could have a break from my own.

Guardian: Young Homeless People Present A-Z Sleeping Rough!


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