The Real Indiana Jones Did Not Follow a Career

Henry Stanley is purported to be one of the main inspirations for the Indiana Jones character. Stanley was a writer and explorer who followed his passions and interests to infamous discoveries in many academic fields.

“I don’t like work, no man does, but I like what is in the work, the chance to find yourself. Your own reality, for yourself not for others, what no other man can ever know.”
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

John Rowlands grew up in a poor house in England. At 8 years old he was told that a woman and her two children who had been living at the same poor house as him for a while was actually his mother who had abandoned him at a young age. He emigrated to America at 18 and apparently upon seeing a man in a cafe asked him for work stating, “If there is any work, I am your boy.” An English expression. Coincidentally the wealthy man, Henry Stanley had just been pondering his life with no children and his desire for ‘a boy of his own’. The Universe at work, Stanley took the mans good name and reputation and was able to forge many career paths.

Henry Stanley

Henry Stanley

Henry Stanley did not follow a set linear career path and because of this he was able to follow his passions and interests which led him to many discoveries in numerous varied subjects including Paleontology. Stanley had a rich and varied career which I find is often lacking today as we are squeezed into a particular career path.

I wonder if this obsession with a career today is a detriment to the rich experiences of individuals and society as a whole. In society today we have become obsessed with a set career path, and continually struggle to find good jobs. Has society lost the rich discoveries and development that can only be realised from our ability to follow and develop our dynamic interests and passions?



5 thoughts on “The Real Indiana Jones Did Not Follow a Career

  1. An interesting post, I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph.

  2. collinpwood says:

    Great blog A.J, . . it is better to travel well than to arrive!

    • Thank you cp, it is true that we focus too much (and I have been guilty of this) on the destination, the journey is just as important and sometimes even more important than the destination…I wonder if the sole reason the destination is important at all is the journey that we have taken to get there and what we have learnt along the way!

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